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Dog washing services in Sydney

Dogs will be dogs, as they say! They love anything muddy and dirty and have fun doing it but the reality is often much less fun, especially as a dog parent.  No one wants a muddy fur child returning home. Take the anxiety out of washing your pup at home and let us handle it instead! We offer a Hydrobath service after Daycare from $45.00 - contact us today!

We’ll pamper your pup with our added dog washing service in Sydney

We put the fun back into bath time! We understand many dogs get nervous going to the groomer which is why adding a bath after a fun day at daycare creates a more positive experience with our team that they spend each and every day with your pup. 


Pamper your fur child with our add on dog washing services, including:

  • Pre-wash brushing and preparation

  • A shampoo using premium products from Isle of Dogs or a quick freshened up with our dry shampoo option

  • Carefully towel and/or blow dry.

Your best mate will end their day with us not only happy, content and ready for a well deserved rest but squeaky clean, smelling fresh and looking like a million bucks!

Book your dog’s shampoo as an extra to their day at daycare today and get in touch with our Sydney team.


If you have a puppy joining our daycare, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have around  puppy socialisation and the suitability of our grooming and dog washing products for younger pups.

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