Looking to start or advance your career in the pet industry?!


Whether you're looking to volunteer because you love animals, build a career or build your own business, We Love Dogz would be delighted in being part of your journey.  


Here you will find the current vacancies we have and information on how you can own your own Doggy Day Care! We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Send us an enquiry

  • We Love Dogz will get in touch and send out a Franchise Information Kit, Application (or submit it online - click the button above) and Confidentiality Agreement

  • We meet and arrange a visit to a We Love Dogz location.  Click the button above to book an onsite

  • You conduct due diligence and reserve your territory (site location included in territory analysis) with a fully refundable deposit

  • Make your final decision

  • The Franchise Agreement is signed, fees paid and training commences

  • Your ready to start your We Love Dogz business!



So you've decided you want to own a business, fantastic decision! The next question is why buy a franchise rather than start your own? This is an important question and the reason is simple! Statistics show that 80% of start up businesses FAIL within the first 18 months while 90% of franchise businesses SUCCEED.


The next question you may be asking yourself is why We Love Dogz? The most important reason is our franchise opportunities offer you peace of mind with a business model that operates on regular ongoing clients, booked in week in week out, allowing you to know how much revenue you'll be making each week. There is no need to worry about will I make any money this week or how much will I make, you'll already know.  You can then upsell, throw on specials when you need to, take casual bookings and build your weekly revenue by taking on more clients.  This is far less stressful than a business where each sale is a one of sale.  


In addition to this, we have been established since 2010 and have a solid client database, a well known brand, a tried and tested system and, put simply, a doggie day care is going to provide you with far more revenue than a dog walking franchise for less work, with the added option of employing staff to do the work for you so you effectively have a "passive income".  Who wouldn't love that!


We also offer your added security.  There may also be an opportunity for you to work in one of our existing territories on a casual, part time or full time basis whilst you build your own businesses.  We currently have positions vacant at WLD Chatswood and North Sydney.


In addition to this, many of our clients over the years have relocated to different areas that we do not service, we keep these clients details on hand and if they have located to your territory, we will immediately pass on all those details to you so that you can hit the ground running with existing clients.

Our franchise opportunities minimises your risk, increasing the chances of the longevity of your business and ensures that the money you spend towards your business is going to give you a better chance at a successful one because no one wants to waste thousands, and wait for months on end to build their business.


At the end of the day any business decision comes down to risk, start up costs and longevity.  Like anything in life, we cannot guarantee you will be successful but we can offer you our tried and tested business model which has made us the successful business that we are today - something that you do not have when going into business alone! 


Experience the freedom of purchasing a business that is wholly yours. Our doggie day care business is for sale. Set your own hours and be part of a 4.2 billion dollar (and growing) industry! We have great additional add on services for clients which if you decide to offer, can significantly increase your earning potential.   


Buy our Doggy Day Care franchise for sale and receive the tools to produce virtually unlimited earning potential. You can also include further services to your franchise over time to increase your income based on our proven business model!

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If you’ve been looking to start your very own dog day care or pet services business, but are nervous you won’t know what to do with embarking on such a large project– fall back on our successfully established brand name for support. We have worked hard to become a reputable brand that clients have come to trust. You can benefit from this positive reputation to help establish yourself in the industry, with future opportunities to expand.


Our franchise opportunities allow you to hit the ground running and start off with a loyal customer base and trusted name – two vital aspects which are often difficult to obtain when starting a new business. With locations across Sydney and the country, you have the flexibility to work where you want.


If purchasing a Doggy Day Care franchise sounds like the next stage in your career plan, then give us a call today on 1300 606 601.


For more information on our Doggy Day Care on Sydney's North Shore, Chatswood and North Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in touch.