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With COVID19 being a part of our daily lives, we understand how important it is to be assured that those you are dealing with have extensive policies in place to keep your family safe.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with all our families so here are our


How have we changed things since COVID19?

We have removed all face to face contact with our existing and new parents.

You would have noticed over the past few weeks when we collect your dog, we knock, announce and collect your dog.  This procedure keeps everyone at a safe distance with many of you now working from home.

We've changed the way we conduct our meet and greet with new parents.  We now do these live over Skype when we arrive for their dog’s first day and we arrange to collect their dog without either of us coming into contact with each other.   We also require a COVID19 questionnaire to be completed.

If you relocate during this time, we will discuss and view new access arrangements for your dog using this same procedure.

So how do we prevent COVID19 transmission at We Love Dogz Daycare?

We have a super strict OH&S Policy in place to protect ourselves whilst we move outside our family home. 

As many of you are aware we are a family unit so it is easier to keep everyone in line than it is in a traditional workplace where co-workers are coming in contact with other people from other homes.  Three generations of our family reside on our property so we all keep each other accountable in the workplace and at home (we haven't killed each other, yet!)

To view our Policy, please click on the blue botton below.

We have consulted with our trusted Veterinary Clinics at Greencross Vets in respect of our Policy and they have advised whilst not essential (unless if your dog has come into contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID19), it is good practice to give your dog a quick wash after visiting the Vet, dog daycare or coming into contact with others outside your home. Don't forget to give their collar a little scrub too.

Whilst the risk of transmission via your dog's coat or collar is low, if they've come into contact with someone who has COVID19, this measure is effective.

For our safety and yours, we do not accept dogs into daycare who are owned by a person who has a confirmed case, an owner who has had close contact with someone that has a confirmed case or is in quarantine (not voluntarily).

Our trusted Vets at Greencross Vets Roseville and Chatswood, and Dr Paws Lane Cove have offered to assist our families with your dog's care during this time. These Clinics have strict policies to keep your family and themselves safe. Feel free to get in touch with them if your dog requires veterinary care during this period.  We are happy to assist with transport if you would like us to do so.


With love from our family to yours.  Stay safe! x


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