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Do you often have a heavy day at work? Live in an apartment? Is your dog bored and destructive at home? Are they very active or suffer from separation anxiety?


If you've answered yes to any of the above, our services are the perfect solution to ensure your dog is keeping out of trouble, getting lots of exercise and socialisation in a safe environment!


We offer a unique outdoor doggy day care experience that offers you greater flexibility.  Forget sitting in traffic to get to and from a dog daycare center.  We offer a day full  of adventure for your dog outdoors, including free pickup and drop off (all vehicles are tracked by Head Office using GPS for safety) from either your home or GreenCross vet Roseville.  


Your dog will spend the day outdoors at a local dog parks (fully fenced, permit held).  No concrete floors, crates or pens.  Just fresh air, green grass and freedom to run, and play! 


When you're questioning what to do when its hours before you’ll be home or you've been out all weekend and haven't given your dog the exercise, and attention they need, We Love Dogz Day Care is your answer.


Dogs are just like us, they need interaction and exercise so why not book your doggy in today!  

Behavior assessments must be carried out on your dogs first day.  Spots are limited so please call if you want a particular day.

For more information about a typical day at day care, view our Day Care Schedule.


Before Booking - Important: Enrolment Criteria


  • All dogs must live in our service area or be available for pickup/drop off at Greencross Roseville

  • Be desexed (unless they are a puppy under one year of age);

  • Be vaccinated for canine/kennel cough; C5 minimum

  • Have up to date flea/tick treatment (nexgard/bravecto or similar; and

  • Not suffer from high anxiety which causes them to run/hide/attack or escape if they’re stressed or fearful.

If you are unsure whether you live in our service area, please check our map

enrollment criteria
behavior assessment



On dog’s first day we carry out a behavior assessment.  The behavioral assessment is simply for us to determine whether your dog/s is suitable for pet day daycare. This is simply to ensure all dogs in our care are safe, friendly and get along well.


We conduct a quick Meet and Greet prior to or on the morning of your first day at your home or outside your chosen Greencross Vet Clinic, Chatswood or Roseville, we then take your dog with us to daycare for the day and run them through an assessment.


You will receive a text around midday to advise whether your dog has passed their assessment. 

If your dog/s passes their assessment, your dog/s is welcome to continue attending daycare.  If they do not pass their assessment, we will advise you by text and return your dog during the day.  If it is too dangerous for us to care for your dog until the end of the day, we will contact you and reserve the right to return them home.


  • Where: We only use off leash fully fenced double gated entry and exit parks on the North Shore which we hold permits for or our own private residence

  • Activities: We allow the dogs to have free play and rest periods.  What have the following activities:

    - ball pit
    - sandpit 
    - paddle pool
    - sprinkler
    - tug ropes
    - frisbee and ball play

    We allow the dogs to dictate what they'd like to do.  If your dog is active they may like to play with toys or just with another dog.  If your dog is older, they may like to go for a quiet walk and smell the grass.  We cater the activities we do to each dog's preference.

  • Rest: Your dog is welcome to rest if they choose, their is ample shelter and shade for them to lay down.  If you request, we can also pop them in a rest area to be supervised by one of us

  • Supervision: We have a 1:4 ratio meaning we have 1 staff member allocated to supervise 4 dogs.

  • Photos: Your dog's photo will be uploaded to We Love Dogz Daycare album exclusive to clients on Google Photos during the day.


  • We are Australia's leading outdoor Doggy Day Care.  Founding the concept in 2010.  We pride ourselves in doing one thing best

  • Your dog is supervised at all times, they're not left to play unattended

  • We are not subject to breed restrictions and can accommodate small, medium and large breeds subject to a behavioral assessment

  • We only use fully fenced, secure locations

  • Our vans are fully air-conditioned and this is kept running at all times 

  • We keep and maintain a Canine Cough Vaccination Register to ensure all our dogs are up to date

  • All vehicles and staff are tracked by Head Office, and other staff via GPS

  • Our GPS tracking system allows staff to alert Head Office and other staff immediately

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