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Our typical day

(Prior to Starting)

  • When: Prior to your dogs first day. We will arrange a suitable time to pop out meet your dog. This meeting generally takes approx. 15minutes.

  • Where: Your home or at one of our partnered vet clinics, Greencross Roseville or Chatswood, the choice is yours

  • Why: This gives us an opportunity to meet you and for you to meet us.  We will also discuss with you how and where we are to access your dog/s to pick them up and drop them off, and collect any outstanding documents that we need to enroll your dog/s, including a copy of your dog/s Vaccination Certificate and our Waiver.



Experience the outdoor doggy day care difference! 



  • Time (Home Collection): We commence pickups at 8:00am.  If you require a specific pickup time, please advise and we can book this in.  Keys for residential premises are tagged with your dog's name only to ensure your security is not compromised.

  • Time (Vet Collection): You can drop your dog off to one of our partnered vet clincis, Greencross Roseville or Chatswood after 8:30am.  Your dog must be there by 9am for us to collect them.

  • Where: We can pickup your dog from your home or from one of our partnered vet clinics, Greencross Roseville or Chatswood, the choice is yours

  • Safety: All vehicles comply with the NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 1 - Companion Animal Transport Agencies and are tracked by Head Office using GPS so that we know where your dog/s is at all times.  Staff are required to wear a lanyard with Head Office's phone number and a notification that they have dogs in their care.  Air conditioning is running at all times.  We kindly ask that you forward all requests and questions to Head Office to minimise the time the dogs are in the van.




  • Why: The behavioral assessment is simply for us to determine whether your dog is suitable for daycare to ensure all dogs in our care are safe, friendly and get along.  

  • Pass/Fail Notification: You'll receive a text message at midday to advise whether your dog has passed their assessment.

  • If they have passed, your dog is welcome to continue attending daycare on a casual or regular basis.



  • Where: We only use council designated off leash fully fenced dog exercise areas, located on the North Shore which we hold permits for or we exercise our group in a privately hired outdoor dog ring just for us!

  • Activities: We allow the dogs to have free play and rest periods.  What have the following activities:

    - ball pit
    - sandpit 

    - tunnel running
    - frisbee and ball play
    - paddle pool

       - sprinkler
       - tug rope

  • We allow the dogs to dictate what they'd like to do.  If your dog is active they may like to play with toys or just with another dog.  If your dog is older, they may like to go for a quiet walk and smell the grass.  We cater the activities we do to each dog's preference.

  • Rest: Your dog is welcome to rest if they choose, their is ample shelter and shade for them to lay down.  If you request, we can also pop them in a rest area to be supervised by one of us

  • Supervision: We have a 1:4 ratio meaning we have 1 staff member allocated to supervise 4 dogs.

  • Photos: Your dog's photo will be uploaded to We Love Dogz Daycare album exclusive to clients on Google Photos during the day.



                                              DROP HOME

                                                 Start 2pm

  • Rollcall: After a day of fun, we ensure all dogs have a final drink and then board the doggie school van. A roll call is completed and signed off before we leave the park.

  • Time: We start drop-offs at 2pm and aim to have all dogs home by 4pm. If the dog van is held up we will notify you via sms of a late arrival. Remember to leave a key out if no one is going to be home and SMS Nicole with instructions.

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