What is the law in New South Wales for having a dog in the car?

You're all packed up ready for the long weekend and you're taking your fur child with you for a fun-filled getaway! Dog restraint laws in NSW change often and it is important to be aware of what the regulations are regarding the safety of transporting animals. Within this state, some offences particularly traffic offences are strict liability. This means it does not matter if you did not have the mens rea (the intention/mental state) to commit the offence, you will legally be responsible if the actus reus can be proved (the act). What does this mean for you? Effectively that ignorance of the law will be no excuse. This article addresses the most common situations and questions, and the appli

How to choose a Doggy Day Care

You've made the decision to look into daycare for your dog. Maybe you work long hours, your dog is super active and/or young or you're going away and just want to ease the burden on whoever is looking after your dog. The next question is how do I choose the right day care for my dog?! 1. Find a Doggy Day Care near you Ask, ask, ask - referrals are a great way of knowing your dog will be in good hands. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, the vet and the groomer. It is important to make sure that they've actually sent their dog to the day care or had some sort of dealings with the day care so the person mentioning them actually knows how the day care treat the dogs first hand. If no one ca

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