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Should I put my dog in dog day care?

So you're contemplating enrolling your dog into daycare but you're not sure whether you should or not?

Maybe you work long hours, live in an apartment, have a super active dog or you're going away and just want to ease the burden on whoever is looking after your dog.

So here are the top five reasons why you should enroll your dog into dog daycare!

1. Stimulation

Dogs are just like us. They need stimulation.

Remember back to a time where you were not feeling the best and house bound. Once you started feeling better, you were busting to get out of the house even just for a walk, to get outside the four walls. You start to get cabin fever, as they say. This happens to dogs too!

2. Socialisation

When we talk about socialisation the first thing we think of is a happy, well socialised, friendly dog. We often don't consider the impact of not socialising our dog.

If you work from home or have another dog, you may be thinking my dog doesn't need to go to daycare, s/he has a playmate or I am home.

This is understandable however, if your dog only comes in contact with your other dog/s and yourself you may find your dog develops separation anxiety which can cause your dog to become aggressive towards other dogs or people. This is a normal response. Another dog or person is a stranger to your dog and if they're scared, aggression is simply your dogs way of defending themselves against what they perceive as a threat.

This is why socialisation is extremely important for your dog's mental health.

The key to socialising your dog is do so as soon as you can when they're a puppy and regularly.

3. Exercise

We all know and understand how important exercise is for us. The same goes for dogs. Exercise will keep your dog's health in an optimal state and in turn, you're contributing to extending the life of your dog.

4. Safety

More and more of us are working longer hours, and are therefore required to be away from home for extended periods of time.

Whilst we all do our absolute best to secure our homes for our dogs and make them as safe as possible, dogs especially some breeds are known to be houdinis and if left alone for extended periods of time look at ways of escaping.

Doggie day care provides a solution to minimise the time in which your dog is left alone to possibly only an hour before you leave and an hour before you arrive home from work.

5. Minimising damage to your property

Our final reason brings us to one of the most common reason dog owners are looking at daycare as a solution for their dog. Yep you guessed it! Ever come home to a ripped up lounge or something you've seen on a Facebook meme?

Doggy daycare provides a solution where your dog is out of the house and returns home exhausted ready to crash out not start cyclone Tracey.

These are just some of the reasons why you should enroll your dog into dog day care. The benefits are endless!

The next step is to decide on the dog day care that is the best match for you and your dog. Check out "How to choose a doggy day care" for some helpful tips and here for more resources!

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